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My Thoughts

Cheer Up! Who is rated the most famous cheerleader of all time you ask? Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler that’s who. Before Stacy was famous for being


Not Just A Cutter “Now that’s not a cigar cutter, this is a cigar cutter”. GV has made this kickass, most ridiculously cool cigar cutter.

The Real “Don”

When I say Don I’m not talking about someone from a mafia movie, I’m talking about Don Q Rum! A pioneer in the rum category


· Fruitage is a new fruit beer from 200-year old Belgian brewery Rodenbach (pronounced “ROH-den-bock”), one of the most critically acclaimed and awarded breweries in

It’s A Given

That “Kissing the Blarney Stone” could lead to an unsanitary moment on the lips since it’s known from time to time that at night, drunk

It’s A Given

That everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day! 5 Best Drones For all the Tech freaks out there here is list of top performing Drones.

It’s A Given

That your blood pressure always reads high when your nurse looks like a super model! Growl With Your Name On It There’s nothing in the

It’s A Given…

It’s A Given That you’ll always find the cheapest toilet paper at public restrooms!! BAD ASS Dan “Danny” Trejo born May 16, 1944 is an

Beer Belly Or Wealthy

Beer Belly Or Wealthy?? If we look back in history there was a point in time where the larger the belly you had the wealthier