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Bro Cove

By Otto D It’s a given That if your driving down the Turnpike, you usually can tell what exit your at by the smell in


It’s a given That a women’s public restroom is dirtier than a man’s! (Better fucking believe it!) It’s Ok To Be Bitter The botanical ingredients


By Otto D It’s a given That every women has an “I need something tone of voice”. Something’s Cooking & IT Ain’t JUST Rite (Hell’s


It’s A Given That having to have to PEE intensifies by a million when your trying to unlock the door to your house! St Patrick


It’s A Given That the word “pancake” to a man is the same as the word “Walk” to a dog! Lykan HyperSport Seven is the


By Otto D It’s A Given That the only reason guys lift the toilet seat at their girlfriends house is to see if any other


It’s A Given That a stress ball is not for throwing at people who stress you out! Official Ruling Here are the rules to a


It’s A Given: Men who run their mouths of how tough they are, usually are the weakest. Real strength is shown in silence! Keeping It


It’s A Given That with all the technology in the world, every photo of “Big Foot” is still blurry! The Cheer On Just because you


By Otto D. It’s A Given That the term UPTIGHT comes from men swimming in ice cold water! “If Trouble Was Money” Born in Austin