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MULTIPLE O’S Enjoy The Moments

It’s great to be a lady Not only are we amazing creatures by habit, but we are the only species able to have multiple orgasms

Best of deGrom has come and gone…

Maybe there’s something really wrong with Jacob deGrom. It happens, you know. Pitching is such a precise craft that any number of things can go


Last week I had to endure a case of mistaken identity and this week people cannot be bothered to even remember who I am. Given,

Let’s Talk Golf

Skyway seems to draw in quite an eclectic group. Any celebrities tee off here? I know you have to have that one you can’t resist

Casa d’ Paco

What Makes a Restaurant?: A History and Sit Down with Casa d’ Paco I am so happy to announce that Spring has finally arrived for


Interesting….Howard Stern has been interviewed by dozens of media outlets to promote his new book. Each interview glorifies the new and improved Stern. He salts