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Top trends we need to expect in the coming months

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Fashion is a continuously changing notion. Year by year, if not monthly, the trends change, especially when it comes to women’s clothing.

So where is it heading to? And will the changes by so drastic that it’s going to change how we look at fashion? Well, not literally, but instead, the trend is already felt now.

Here are some of the top trends we need to expect in the coming months when it comes to women’s fashion:

Earth Tones

Gone are the days when we prefer overly-colorful tops and dresses. These are now considered as the stuff of boomers. And even boomers aren’t any more impressed with these as they now want to look like a millennial!

Funny as it seems, this is the reality. Color combinations such as beige, gray, flesh, maroon, khaki, midnight blue, brown, and black, are the preferred colors of today’s top designers and clothing companies.


Less is more is the motto of today’s fashion world. Say goodbye to tattered jeans, super-skinny pants, curtain-like blouses, and whatnots. A simple shirt and pants are all it takes to make a classy impression.

Shorts with simple and low-profile textures and knittings are also popping up of boutique stores more often. Don’t overdo things just for the sake of looking grander and more striking. Now, what’s considered striking is on how you carry your outfit with swag and class.

Modern Classic

Retro prints, slightly faded jeans, and crop tops are just some of the things where today’s trend is heading to. We’re looking back at the ‘90s era where these things are considered as the norm.

But don’t take this lightly because these are slightly different today especially that minimalism has become the trend.

The aforementioned samples are now more reserved and “behave,” that they’re in tune with today’s low-profile outfits. That’s what we call modern classic, a revival of yesterday’s trend, with today’s taste.

Lady’s Fashion and Beyond

Combine earth tones with minimalist designs and a touch of classic retro and you’ve got the fashion trends of the not-so-distant future.

Not only are these fashion statements, but these also reflect how we deal with our everyday life, especially that urban lifestyle is shifting paradigms in today’s highly-globalized society and culture.

The time has come when we can now see within ourselves how social media, mass opinion, and technology is rewiring our brains into knowing what’s hip and not, what’s in-trend and silly.

Just take note of these fashion trends and you’ll surely be prepared for tomorrow.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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