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How to Wear Casual Attire Without Losing Class

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Gone are the days when we all have to wear suits just to look good. We’re not anymore living in the ‘30s, ‘40s, or even late ‘90s where the corporate look is the norm of what it is to be a formal and proper lad.

Going to office meetings, or perhaps to work, or even on special occasions don’t even require you to be in an all-Americana outfit.

But unfortunately, this became a major disadvantage to many people today. Why? Because they lose elegance. And we don’t want you to become one of them!

That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you how to ditch your formal outfits, wear casual, and still have the class to confidently make your way into this highly-picky world we’re in.

Less colors.

Don’t wear too many colors. We’re not anymore living in the hippie era where more colors mean a more colorful life. We’re done with psychedelics, so to speak.

But kidding aside, having fewer colors is undoubtedly more relaxing to look at. Play with beige, gray, black, or flesh. Having these as your inner and pairing it up with an outer jacket or suit will do just fine. The fewer colors you got, the better because you look clean.

Minimalism (with a touch of formality) is key.

Wear a shirt as your inner and pair it with a black suit. Make sure that the shirt has a light color, let’s say flesh, white, dirty-white, or light gray.

Wear this alongside a pair of your regular jeans and cop some boat shoe. It’s simple and straightforward, but it will make you look formal and respectable.

Comfort over flare.

Be comfortable so you won’t look like a trying-hard douchebag that wants to climb the social ladder into becoming called as an elite. That’s not how it works today.

You surely don’t want to wear a glimmering pair of black leather shoes, when in fact, it feels too hard and stiff on your feet because it’s a Chinese Rusty Lopez imitation.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable so you don’t look awkward and appear as if you’re tortured from the inconvenience of wearing something just for you to look nice. When in fact, you look funny.

Let’s talk about brands.

Wear branded clothing and shoes. Sometimes, all it takes for you to look classy is to wear something branded. Funny as it seems, that’s the hard reality of today. And don’t even consider wearing fakes because people are going to notice that and you’ll look like a trying-hard lad, thus, losing your class.

Take our advice seriously and you’ll surely be looking classy, elegant, and downright cool in no time. Just remember to think twice before picking an outfit, don’t overdo things, and be comfortable with whatever it is you’re wearing.

When you do, then for sure, you’ll have a good, good day.

Photo by Corey Saldana on Unsplash

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