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How to Dress Like a Millennial Man: Top Tips to Look Cool and Trendy

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Let’s face it, our current society is dominated by millennials — those people born from the late ’70s to the early ‘90s. They’re literally everywhere and influence most of today’s trend, most especially that social media has become the main media of today.

Because of this, these so-called millennials have set the standards in today’s fashion. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t belong to this generation, because you can dress like one!

Here’s how:

Lighten up your formal look.

Dressing for a formal occasion doesn’t mean wearing a gray suit with tie and slacks alongside a pair of black leather shoes. Lighten things up and don’t be too serious.

Instead of following the aforementioned “boring” norm, why not mix things up and go a bit casual while staying elegant and classy. Wear a shirt inside your suit; no neckties or bow ties, just a plain dark-colored shirt.

This goes perfectly well with your slightly-opened suit. And instead of wearing slacks, wear dark blue jeans or gray jeans instead. Then pair it up with some Topsiders and you’ll surely be in-trend in a classy and sophisticated way.

Stick to your right fit.

Boomers or those belonging to the generation before the Millennials are known to wear oversized clothes. Well, they don’t consider it oversized, but it sure is based in today’s standards.

Wear skinny jeans, but not too skinny so you won’t look like a wrapped up emo punk. Make sure that it’s your right fit.

Say no to baggy jeans or shorts, as well as with wide pants. Remember to look sleek at all times, but not to a point when you feel uncomfortable. Millennials are known to dress up comfortably, but not to the expense of sacrificing aesthetic looks.

Play with colors.

Say goodbye to the boring black, gray, and brown colors that most boomers enjoy wearing. Go for vibrant colors such as neon, cyan, or fuschia, but don’t go overboard that you look like a rainbow or a Christmas tree.

If you’ve got a striking color, then pair it with earth-colored shorts or pants. There should be a balance in your outfit.

Dress to impress.

Another thing that differentiates millennials from boomers is that the former are more conscious about their appearance. Don’t just wear something because they’re the first one you see in your cabinet.

Instead, think about the people you’re going to meet and the place you’re going to go to. You should blend in, but at the same time, look strikingly awesome. Yes, and it’s also for that Instagrammable shot you’ve always dreamed of.

The times have changed and so does your look. Follow our tips above and you’ll surely say goodbye to awkward stares and smirking faces as you walk down the streets. Look hip and cool just like a millennial.

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