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Growing Fashionista Trends to Watch Out this 2020

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Another year, another trend to look forward to. Fashionistas are in for a treat this 2020 because there are plenty of eye-catching trends to hop unto.

Below is a list of the top four fashion trends that will surely take the world by storm this year. Time to get your wallets ready and continue to read on.

Huge Bags

This year is the year of the bags. Not just ordinary bags, but huge fashionable bags. Every dazzling outfit is never complete without a bag that can carry almost anything.

2019’s small bags whose only purpose is for aesthetics and design are so yesterday. Now is the time to get out of the old and in with the new while being practical at the same time.

Disco Collars

Who said the disco era is dead? Disco fashion never goes out of style, and they are making a comeback this 2020 in the form of disco collars.

Revive the old and make it new, they say. Disco collars are fashionable, eye-catching, and look stunning for modern coats and jackets. No wonder this fashion design has bombed the 80s era because of its style that matches no other.

Rope Belts

Who would have thought that a rope can become a fashion item this year? Various runways have featured rope belts and will definitely become a hot trend for this year.

So is it as simple as going to your garage and grab some rope that you can use as a belt? No. Designer brands will take care of that, and prepare to be shocked for its price tag.

Rose Prints

Floral is the new face of summer 2020. A lot of designers are making rose printed outfits that is surely a worthy addition to your spring collection.

Roses are visually appealing and vibrant that will surely give you glow as you walk down the road while rocking such an outfit design. Witness men having all eyes on you because who doesn’t love such a design? right?

What’s next?

These new fashion trends for 2020 is just the beginning. How much more in the coming years to come? We will definitely see even more exquisite and lovely designs further on.

Do you see yourself sporting such outfit trends? And if you do, welcome to the new decade of fashion. We know you can’t wait to get your hands on these fashion trends as much as we do.

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