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Exercise vs Diet: Which is Better in Losing Weight?

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We all want to stay fit and healthy. What better way to achieve that than by losing weight — of course, in the proper way!

There are two paths to take if you wish to lose weight. These are either you go on a full-on exercise, or be disciplined enough to maintain a healthy diet. Take note, though, that you can combine both of these.

But now, we’re going to talk about which is better in losing weight. Is it through exercise? Or by having a diet?


If we’re going to simplify things up, it’s easy to say that exercise is the healthiest way of losing weight.

You don’t just skip meals or limit your dishes to fruits, veggies, or a few pieces of meat per day. Instead, you also keep your cardio rolling, your muscles working, and your blood pumping all over your body.

Exercise is undoubtedly going to make you healthier while losing weight. And yes, it’s effective in losing some kilos because the metabolism process speeds up, thus, liquifying your fats and turning them into sweat.


You’re going to spend more effort and energy in exercise than diet. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to move much or doesn’t have much time to spend on doing a morning jog or an hour or two at the gym, them go with a diet.

But make sure it’s healthy. You’re going to save time, and spend much less effort. Eat a combination of carbs, protein, and fruits rich in Vitamins C, D, and A to strengthen your immune system, keep your body running in prime condition, while simultaneously losing weight.

Mental and Psychological Effect

Exercise gets a total win with this one. We all know how hard and depressing it is to not our favorite food, be it fried chicken, roast turkey, spaghetti, or whatever delicious feed it is.

This has an adverse effect on our mental health especially if we do this at a regular pace. The mere act of depriving ourselves of the good and delicious things is just plain sad

 But you’ll have a totally different world when you turn to exercise. Not only are you enjoying the outdoors, but you also have fun while meeting and socializing with friends. It makes you happy while helping you lose weight at the same time.

With this being said, exercise is surely better in losing weight than a diet. You have fun, you become generally healthier, and of course, lose those previous grams in the process! Just make sure to not overdo it so you won’t stress yourself.

When you do, then you’ll be losing weight in no time.

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